Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Galeo's CalcuDoku - Billions Served

Addicted to KenKen and KenKen like puzzles?

Feed your Puzzle addiction - never run out of CalcuDoku puzzles.

New interactive features. Combination "sticky" hints. Use them like scractch paper.
Press and hold a number choice to make a selection.
Also - a "TWIN" puzzle. Different puzzle but same solution. You can use the clues from both the puzzles to solve them!

Every puzzle has a solution.

These puzzles are generated from a pseudo-random seed - 2^32 (over 4 billion). The puzzle generator iterates through many possibilities to create the final puzzle. This random seed can be used to load a particular puzzle. Please understand that the claim "billions" is only an estimate. I have yet to calculate the total number of real combinations that are possible.

Unique and Multiple Solutions
Some puzzles have multiple solutions. You can test if a puzzle has multiple solutions by pressing the button. Algorithm for testing for multiple solutions - was courtesy of the "ml" blogger - whose very elegant python code was incorporated rather crudely into flash.

You can his view his blog and the python source code post at


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